“the greatest tragedy in life is people who have sight, but no vision”

My name is Hassan, student of Punjab University Institute of Communication Studies (I.C.S.). I did my intermediate from Government College University (G.C.U.) in Statics, Economics and Civics (political science).

my aim is to become a journalist but unfortunately i am visually impaired. i am facing many hurdles in my studies but keep on moving on the hope that INSHALLAH God is with me and help me on every step of my life. as Martin Luther King said:

“if you cant fly, run. if you cant run, walk. if you cant walk, croal. but keep on moving.”

with the grace of Allah Almighty, if i would become a jernalist, this would be a great achievement for my life and i will become first visually impaired who become a jernalist in the history of Pakistan.

i request you all to pray for my success in life.

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